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How to Do More in Less Time: 3 Simple Rules

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Those of us in demanding professions know just how valuable every minute is. As a sedan company we know our customers are high achievers – who balance a myriad of tasks, correspondence, management and personal challenges. To assist our valued and prized clients, we would like to offer three simple rules from the vast array of self improvement and productivity products out there.

Don’t Multi-task

Doing tasks subsequently may seem like a sure way to take longer over. This may be true for somebody chatting on the phone while doing the ironing and watching the kids in the yard but the demanding tasks an executive is likely to face require much more brain power – If they didn’t anybody could do it.

The overwhelming evidence points to not watering down brainpower on key tasks. The other danger is that there is a very thin line between multi-tasking and simply getting distracted. It is far better to complete one task, to a high standard and in a set time frame, than trying to do it all simultaneously but badly. It is also quicker.

Skip Social Media

Social Media is awesome; so much so it can be addictive – it allows busy people to stay connected, over distance and remain a part of peoples’ lives. Its very brilliance is also exactly the reason it is so distracting to a professional. The most pragmatic thing to do is separate it – mentally – from the time we seek to undertake professional tasks. This does not mean you can’t catch up on your niece’s latest art project in your coffee break: it does mean the average person would be much more productive working undistracted until a goal is achieved and then enjoying the charms of Facebook.

The best advice is to exercise self discipline during work hours — disable updates to your smart phone while working and close down the window on your machine. Once you have achieved tasks it is a great way to fulfill the next rule…

Take Breaks

Another seemingly counter-intuitive suggestion is to make time to not work. Numerous studies have shown that regular pauses allow concentration and energy levels to be maintained over longer periods. Skipping breaks can even have a detrimental effect on mood. The brain is like a muscle – it must be un-flexed periodically to maintain its power.

If you find it is taking longer to finish your emails or your eyes hurt, it is a signal that you need to take a break. You should see this as healthy and an aid to productivity, as much as something to look forward to. Once through (15 minutes is normally long enough) you will be much better able to cope with the mental challenges of the work environment.

We hope these three simple rules help you to stay productive. When it comes to efficient ground transportation, Griffin Transportation is the best choice in Vancouver and worldwide. Call us today to see how we can make your ground transportation exceed any expectation.

Posted on Jun 05 2013

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