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How to Get Business Travel Planning Right

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Business travel is a depressing reality for most people in the corporate world. It may be stressful, tiring and unpleasant but, until there is a viable alternative, we all just have to make it as right and bearable as possible. This post deals with how to ensure that the all important planning for business travel is done as effectively as possible.

Stay productive, stay comfortable, stay within budget

Before we delve into the intricacies of booking the right hotel and transport options, it's worth thinking about what we're actually trying to achieve with business travel. Beside the subheading's productivity, comfort and budgetary considerations, first and foremost comes successfully achieving the goal of the trip. Then just priorities the remaining three in the order most appropriate for the individual: Productivity will normally come first.

A suitable hotel is one that allows you to stay productive; almost always this means it caters for business customers. A huge issue for business travelers is Wi-Fi: it needs to be cheap, fast and have good coverage. Business travelers also need to be able to rest, so avoid hotels that are hosting big events, like proms. Perhaps the most obvious question to ask is, 'does the hotel room have a desk'. You wouldn't expect any of you workers to get their job done without a desk, so don't do this to yourself.

The luxuries that a hotel offers may also help you relax. Depending on taste, a punishing day's travelling may be best recovered from with a short massage or a work out in a well equipped gym. Food is also a big factor, few busy business people will find the time to eat many of their meals outside of their hotel. So check it's going to be up to standard.

Get the Ground Transportation right

A big factor in avoiding the stresses of travel and maximizing productivity is the use of a good ground transportation company. If someone else is taking care of getting you where you need to be on time and taking the right route through a foreign town with unfamiliar traffic, you'll maximize the chances that you'll achieve you business objectives. You'll also be able to use every last minute to get something done.

A sedan is also the most comfortable option for business travel: you've got space, comfortable seats, a air conditioned environment and no other distractions.

We hope that these thoughts provide you some useful ideas. We can offer you one more great and cast-iron method of planning better: As a world-class ground transportation company, we can provide you with absolutely the level of service you require. Griffin Transportation is based in Vancouver, BC, and aims to provide the “Ultimate in Safety, Service and Satisfaction” to our many valued customers. We’d really like you to become one, so call us today to make it happen.

Posted on Jun 10 2014

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