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How To Present Yourself: Being The Leader

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Sometimes leaders are said to have many of the talents that actors possess: they can turn on certain mannerisms; stern and disappointed or satisfied and grateful. No matter that they’ve just got off a transcontinental flight, they appear alert and add value to everything they do. How you present yourself as a leader is important – this blog post gives you a few ideas.

Look the part

When you turn up in front of people, what they see creates a very powerful impression. In some military circles there’s an expression: ‘if it looks right, it probably is right’. While this may not be true, the reverse almost certainly is, if you turn up looking rushed, stressed or can’t get yourself together to dress properly; you’re going to have to do a regain.

Work at being the part

For good or ill, leaders are normally associated with confidence, decisiveness, good communication and being an extrovert. If you do not think that you are these things, then do what you need to, to get it right. If you think of all the general life skills, education and specific career skills you’ve already learnt, learning how to be viewed as a leader is probably not that daunting in comparison. You just need to apply yourself.

Play the part

People will make a quick judgement but will have to follow leaders for an extended period. For this reason, don’t make promise you can’t keep, be anything less than totally clear with people and keep the hype out of your leadership style.  People will appreciate a down to earth leader that gives it to them in a straight and candid manner much more than someone who tries to inspire with false promises and half truths.

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Posted on Mar 27 2014

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