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How to Use Google Flights to Get the Best Deals on Business Travel

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Google's Flights application is one of the easiest ways to book inexpensive airfare for your business trips. Whether you're a small business owner trying to reduce your personal travel budget or a CFO trying to trim the fat, this tool can be incredibly useful. Here are a few tips on using it to your full advantage.

After entering in your origin and destination, click on each city and select "nearby airports." 

This will show you fares from airports close to each city rather than only the airports in the city. Often, this can alter your fare by as hundreds or even thousands of dollars depending on how busy each airport is. Consider taking a car service from your city to a nearby airport to save money!

Choose a price range, and then search. After searching, go back to the calendar. The calendar will show you cheaper price rates around your trip dates.

Sometimes flying an employee (or yourself) in a day early could save you a couple of hundred dollars -- sometimes flying out a little later could save you even more. Google Flights makes it very easy to compare different trip costs.

Use the map view to compare multiple cities at once.

Are you trying to decide which conventions or seminars to either attend or send your employees to? Go to the main Google maps page and enter in your origin only, and then click on the large map view. You can then compare a a variety of cities for cost to see which ones would be the least expensive to visit and to do business in. The answer may not be what you expect!

The multi-city flight tool makes it easy to plan a lengthier or more complex itinerary.

If you or your employees are going to be hopping from city to city, the multi-city flight tool can be the perfect solution. Google's multi-city tool will search every leg of the flight for the cheapest routes, which can be far less expensive than attempting to book on a single airline.

Google Flights isn't the only Google product that you can use to save money and make the process of planning your trip easier. Google also has a Hotels application that operates in much the same way and makes the process of comparison shopping extremely simple.

Posted on Oct 24 2014

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