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The Most Important Details for This Year’s Holiday Party

The Ultimate in Safety, Service and Satisfaction

For many businesses, a holiday party is a perfect way to make their employees feel appreciated not to mention that is a great way to start the next year in a great mood. Well, we know that a holiday party sounds great but planning it not so much.

The vegan, The Gluten Free and Raw Vegan

Well, there are like seven different types of vegan diets just to be on the safe side keep everyone’s dietary needs in mind when planning any meals or desserts, but don't blow the budget. Also consider allergies, another important aspect when it comes to food.

Some people may be so allergic to something that simply being in the same room could cause a reaction.

Alcohol consumption

We could say: don't do it but that isn't a party. Don't it but be careful because providing alcohol is a liability risk. You need a professional bartender on the scene. They are trained to recognize when a certain person may have had a little too much.


Don't hand out company bonuses or gifts during the party. A good moment is when people are heading home from the party or even better do it back in the office. Your employees will invariably open them and compare, and this can lead to hard feelings, rumors, and other related issues.

You can schedule a one to one session the last week on the job, call them one by one, offer them some feedback and then the bonus/ gift.

One of the most important parts of the planning find and make sure you have a safe option for your employees to return home. Are you serving alcohol at the party, right? Don't expect a lot of responsibility it's a party. Some persons cut back on the drinks, but you can't take a guess that everyone that is driving back home did that.

The best option is to provide a chauffeur on-site

Everyone should feel included at a holiday party so you must make and effort and make this  holiday party as diverse and inclusive as possible.

Holiday parties are more than just a company party. It's about employee engagement. How can you make them feel special, a part of a family? A corporate Holiday party it’s about rewarding them for the hard work they’ve done and promoting the successes from the past year.

Griffin Transportation offers you a diverse fleet of vehicle, SUVs, Executive Vans and motor coaches ready to give your employees a ride to and from the Holiday Party. You deserve the peace of mind that your staff will get home safely and we ca give that to you,

Call us, choose your vehicles and get ready to party.


Posted on Dec 07 2016

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