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Increase Your Work Efficiency with These 5 Simple Methods

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Are you facing more deadlines than ever? Rather than wishing for more time to be granted, we can also take a closer look at our work methods to see if there’s something we missed out on improving or changing before.

Here at our Vancouver car service, we constantly remind our chauffeurs of the necessity of adapting to different situations and to focus on increasing their efficiency. Our customers are our Number One priority, and it’s important that they feel comfortable and safe with every single ride.

We’ll walk you through five simple methods you can employ for increasing your effectiveness at work:


Plan Regular Breaks

Have you ever had moments during your working hours where you felt your mind zoning off? It’s a sign that you’re either not engaged in your work or that your mind is tired and needs to rest. Whichever the case though, we should always ensure that our mind is in tip-top condition to improve our efficiency in the workplace. This means scheduling break times throughout the day where we can rest and relax sufficiently before we get back to our tasks.


Don’t Multitask

 If you’ve always been in awe of people who can multitask, you really don’t need to be. First and foremost, not everybody is suited to multitasking, and that could be you. If you find yourself on the losing end when it comes to productivity and time, it is a signal that you’re not doing something right or that this is not the best method for you. Instead, you should plan to finish your tasks one at a time so that your concentration is entirely focused and undisturbed by other elements.


Learn to Delegate

Everybody should learn to delegate. We might not always be in a position to do so when it comes to certain tasks, but there is no downside to leveraging on other people’s talents. Once you learn to communicate your goals and start to build your trust in their work methods, you’ll naturally be able to increase your work productivity at the same time.


Take Exercise Breaks

We don’t all have a gym at or near our workplace, but you shouldn’t let that stop you from exercising. Research has shown that exercise or enough physical activity can help to improve your overall productivity. If you’re already feeling tired from lack of sleep, you shouldn’t go all out in the gym. However, you can readily improve your alertness levels and effectiveness just by standing up and walking around for a couple of minutes.


Avoid Unnecessary Interruptions

It’s usually not realistic to encounter zero distractions throughout our working day (unless we’re working in a remote location by ourselves), so our best bet at minimizing interruptions is to set boundaries and limits. Research has shown that even the briefest of interruptions is enough to mess with our work-flow, so it’s important for us to ensure that our working environment is conducive to maintaining our work efficacy.

Posted on Feb 27 2018

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