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Take the Gang to Your Next Game or Event in a Van or Mini-Coach

If you are looking for something special that an entire group of friends would enjoy, why not attend a sports game or special event? Because there is always something going on in Vancouver, you never have to worry about being bored. After choosing the venue, you can make the adventure even greater by riding in a chauffeured van or mini-coach.

Of course, for the most comfortable and safest trip, it is essential that you hire the best limousine company possible. With this, you are guaranteed an experienced chauffeur and top-of-the-line fleet.

Van Transportation

Depending on the number of people in your party and the type of guests, you can choose a passenger or executive van.

  • Passenger Van – This type of van is perfect for a group of 10 or less. Designed with comfortable bench seating, everyone going to the sports game or another special event will enjoy the ride and have plenty of space. If you are traveling to another city, this size van easily accommodates passengers as well as one carry-on and one standard-sized piece of luggage per person. 

  • Executive Van – Although an executive van is often reserved by businesspeople, it can also be used to get a gang of friends to a game or event. This particular van accommodates up to 11 people, including one carry-on and one regular-sized piece of luggage each.

  • Luxury Van – If you prefer traveling in style, you can go with the luxury van. This van also holds up to 11 passengers, each with one carry-on and one normal piece of luggage. However, the amenities are state-of-the-art. 

Mini-Coach Transportation

Another option for transportation to and from a game or event is the mini-coach. Also referred to as a bus, you have two exceptional possibilities.

  • Executive Bus – This mini-coach is typically the first choice of groups going to sports games and events. The bus accommodates up to 24 passengers without luggage and up to 20 with one carry-on and one regular-sized piece of luggage per person. 

  • Luggage Bus – Top limousine companies often offer different styles of luxury mini-coaches. For instance, there is a bus that holds up to 22 passengers without luggage and 16 with; there also is a larger bus that can easily get up to 31 people to the final destination. 

Riding in Style

Whether you choose a van or mini-coach for your upcoming adventure in Seattle or Vancouver, Griffin Transportation will provide an exceptional vehicle as well as a skilled chauffeur and tons of amenities and style.

Posted on Sep 17 2015

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