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How much do you know about the cities you’ll be visiting on your next business trips? One easy way to get a better feel for the lay of the land is by browsing through local newspapers. You’ll find out about concerns of the people who live there, get a better feel for the overall business environment and see updates on cultural events.

Since so many newspapers are available in online editions, our task is much more convenient. However, finding the right newspapers for the region you’re traveling in can still take some time. You can get the job done quicker and easier when you use the City Papers app, developed by Yoctoville.

City Papers gives you access to 3,000 English language newspapers from cities across the globe. You can find newspapers with the app in a number of ways. Browse for newspapers using the interactive map view, or scan titles through hierarchical lists from region to country or state and city. 

Users can also search through the newspaper database as well as view the history of all the papers they’ve previously read, with details on the last time they read any particular publication.

The City Papers app works on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. If you have iCloud activated on your iOS device, you can use City Papers to sync your newspaper favorites list across all of them. And when you run across a story that you want to show to your colleagues, the City Papers app has a number of options to make it easy to share the details, such as via social media, text message or email. 

With so many people getting their news electronically these days, particularly with mobile devices connected to the Internet, the team at Griffin Transportation seldom sees customers leaving actual paper newspapers behind these days. We know how useful it can be for our customers to get details about the cities they’re visiting while they’re on the go, which makes the City Papers app quite appealing.

Posted on May 08 2015

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