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Keeping Airline Cabins Clean and Hygienic

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You might not give aircraft cleanliness much thought, until you discover some disgusting trash in the seatback pocket or take a trip to the restroom after a passenger was sick inside it just before you. 

When you think of all the people who climb onboard each aircraft every day, you can see why airlines pay so much attention to cleanliness and hygiene. With the short turnaround time the cleanup crew often has between one group of passengers and the next ones awaiting takeoff, it is an amazing feat to pull off every day.

Passengers sometimes wonder about the air that recirculates in cabins and whether it makes it easier to spread diseases, such as the common cold, the flu or worse. To that end, many airlines have taken to installing HEPA filters in the cabins to keep the air clean, according to a recent article at Aircraft Interiors International. It also noted that equipment such as the Boeing 767 will come with a catalytic filter that scrubs ozone from the air.

Now in the works are advanced materials that will be capable of cleaning themselves, such as an Airbus Concept plane that the article describes as having coatings on the carpets and the seat fabrics. While these are futuristic concepts still being developed, some aircraft lavatories are already including similar coatings to help keep them cleaner. German aerospace organization BDLI developed a riveting conceptual design that shows a self-cleaning lavatory that passengers would appreciate.

Hygiene and cleanliness are more important now that jet travel enables people to go from nearly any point on the planet to any other relatively quickly, which means that emerging infectious diseases are more easily spread internationally. We can no longer think that a virus is just affecting citizens in one country, since anyone there could buy a ticket and bring the illness to countless other passengers in a matter of hours.

So, the next time you happen to get a glimpse of an airline cabin cleaning crew setting about its work, count yourself fortunate that an army of individuals is doing their best to stand between passengers and a host of diseases.

The team at Griffin Transportation is devoted to providing clean vehicles on both the inside and the exterior for our customers, and we recognize that the cleaning crews on airplanes have their work cut out for them. Here’s hoping you will always find the airlines meet your expectations for cleanliness, thanks to the diligence of the airline cleaning crews.

Posted on Apr 17 2015

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