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Looking to get More out of Your Hotel Stays? Follow These Tips

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Frequent travelers often wind up amassing a number of tips and techniques over the years to help them have trips that are more pleasant. After spending some time on the road, you can really get a sense of relief when you find a hotel that delivers the highest level of service.

To help you get the most of your next hotel stays, Uptourist recently offered some tips that are worth consideration. Uptourist included a video of 25 things that your hotel staff will not tell you but that it would be in your interest to know. Here are some of the more useful tips, to whet your appetite

Ask the front desk if you can get a better deal on your room rate if you agree to forego daily visits from housekeeping to tidy up your room.

With that in mind, though, you should always tip housekeeping well, no matter how often you have requested them to provide service.

Search out hotels that are independently owned and operated, as these establishments are typically more open to negotiating prices.

When you find yourself becoming a frequent guest at a particular hotel, ask the management about getting a better deal or upgrade as a reward for your loyalty.

However, you don’t want to request an upgrade in front of other hotel guests, because the management will have to decline, since they can’t give great deals to everyone standing in the lobby.

Looking for more space but are on a budget? See if you can get a corner room without having to pay a premium for the privilege.

The earlier you check in to a hotel, the more likely it is you can get an upgrade from the staff.

If such basic amenities as Wi-Fi are not offered for free already, ask the hotel to waive the fee.

When you are traveling, it’s important to make sure you take care of yourself. Life on the road can be exciting and enriching, but you will get more out of your experiences when you find accommodations that put a priority on customer service. By following these tips, travelers can save money, have more fun and get the rest they need to rejuvenate their mind and body before heading out for the next meeting or adventure.


Posted on Feb 06 2015

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