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Looking to Pack for Your Next Tropical Getaway? We’ve Got the Ultimate List Just for You!

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The necessities for a hot and sometimes even humid climate is definitely different from a location that’s mainly cold. For the uninitiated when it comes to tropical getaways, get ready to start packing essentials that can be quite different from what you’re used to. We understand that the process of packing can be a daunting task when you’re unfamiliar with what to bring, so we’ve provided a handy list of items just for you down below:


Sunscreen or Suntan Lotion

Turning red from constant sun exposure isn’t the worst part of getting sunburned; experiencing pain is definitely it. To avoid looking and feeling horrible, do remember to bring along a sufficiently strong sunscreen that’s good for both sweat and water exposure. However, if you’re looking to get that all-natural bronzed look, you should instead invest in a good suntan lotion with moisturizing elements.


Lightweight Clothing

Rather than expecting the occasional bout of cold and windy weather, tropical climates tend to lean towards hot and humid with quite a lot of rainfall (depending on the country). No one wants to feel uncomfortable in their own clothes, so it’s always good to pack mostly lightweight clothing that’s also breathable. In other words, summer options such as linen, cotton and khaki would be ideal.


Comfortable Shoes

Even if you’re going to spend your traveling time from one form of transportation to another, it’s still wise to consider practical and comfortable types of footwear to bring along. If you’re thinking to hit the beach, you can always opt for sandals, flip-flops, or even go bare-footed. However, if you want to bring along something dressier, you can easily go with boat shoes for men and flats or wedges for women.



If you’re looking to spend a more carefree time on your vacation or even get active with some beach or all-terrain sports, getting an expensive pair of shades will probably not be your best option. There are plenty of cheap and inexpensive sunglasses you can consider for your next trip, and as long as they serve the purpose of shading your eyes from the harsh sun, you’re essentially good to go.



It’s always good to ensure that your scalp is protected while you’re under the fierce sun. After all, you wouldn’t want to experience a sunburned scalp anymore than you would want to experience it on any other body part. Wide-brimmed hats provide full-coverage and protection, but if hats aren’t exactly your thing, you can also cover your head with a thin scarf instead.


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Posted on Sep 04 2018

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