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How to Make International Travel Easy

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Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, the easier and more relaxing the actual traveling part, the more refreshed you will be when you arrive at your destination. Experienced travelers have several hacks that let them arrive energized and ready rather than tired and grumpy. Most of what makes international travel easy is good preparation,


Passport and Visas

Especially if you don't do regular international travel, you should check to make sure your passport is current and that you have all required visas several months before you travel. This will avoid stressful last minute scrambles to get your paperwork in order. As passports are major targets for thieves, you should scan your passport and have a copy of it available on your phone or email so that your information is easily available in the event that you lose your passport or are the victim of a pickpocket.



Make sure your immunizations are up to date well in advance so that your body is protected before you are exposed to viruses and bacteria on the plane or at your destination. Also ensure that you have an adequate supply of any prescription medications you take and printed and electronic copies of your prescriptions. Research the rules about bringing medications into your destination to avoid awkward surprises at customs.



Experienced travelers often say that there are two types of luggage, carry on and lost. Make a careful list a few days before you start packing to make sure that you have everything you need and that even if you can't fit everything into your carry on, you will have essentials with you. If you can, finish packing a full day before you depart so you don't make mistakes in a last minute panic.


Electronic Devices

Don't depend on finding a convenient outlet at the airport. Make sure all devices are fully charged overnight and packed in a manner easily accessible for inspection at customs. Back up crucial information to memory sticks and the cloud. Make sure you have adapters for all the countries you plan to visit and any airports where you might stop in transit. Also, arrange for international minutes in advance, so you have phone service the instant you land.


Airplane Comfort

Book your plane seat as early as possible to ensure a comfortable and convenient choice. Bring earplugs or noise canceling headphone and a soft opaque eye shade for overnight flights. Wear comfortable walking shoes and layered clothing that adjusts easily to different temperatures.


Airport Transportation

Don't get stuck in a taxi queue or waiting for a rideshare. Our car service in Vancouver can get you to or from the airport reliably no matter what the weather or traffic. By booking our Vancouver limo service, you know that you will have an expert driver and immaculately clean vehicle that will deliver you to or from the airport in a timely fashion. We even offer SUVs to ensure that you will arrive safely and promptly in major winter storms.

Posted on Jan 04 2017

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