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Master These 5 Steps for a Successful Business Dinner

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You know the uncomfortable feeling you get when you sit down to a meal with a bad-mannered person? Well, if you can understand that, you’ll surely want to avoid being the cause. There’s more to a business dinner than meets the eye, and one crucial point you can never leave out is proper dining etiquette. In fact, if you’re looking to establish a good impression and a long-lasting relationship, you’ll want to read on.

Our Vancouver car service has been in the business for years, and one thing that drives us towards excellence is genuine interest in providing for our customer’s needs. It goes without saying that our service is geared towards our customer’s safety and comfort and we strive to improve them daily. In fact, we’ll love for you to experience the joy of a successful business meal, so we’re even helping out by providing you with some crucial steps down below:

Setting the Right Agenda

Avoid awkward silence and confused thoughts by knowing exactly why you’re sitting down to a business dinner with others. It’s crucial for everyone on the table to be on the same page when it comes to the agenda. Is it time to bond and get to know one another better? Or is it a formal setting that requires an even more serious mindset? Whichever the case, the more everyone knows, the better.

It’s Still Work

The gist of a business dinner is very much a fine balance between networking and a business meeting. In other words, get comfortable, but not too comfortable that you forget to pursue your intended agenda. If it helps, you should treat it as an extension of your usual workday; the only difference being that you’re sitting down to a meal with someone else in order to gain something from the meal.

The Food is Secondary

Watching someone eat is an enjoyment in itself, but that’s not the reason why this business dinner is happening in the first place. In fact, you should never go hungry. The main point is to focus on the conversation on hand, not on cleaning out your plate. You should also avoid messy foods such as crab legs and pasta as that can possibly take your attention away from what’s important.

Get Ready to Talk

So often we find ourselves talking only for the sake of talking, especially when we’re rushing throughout the day. When it comes to a business dinner though, communication is the highlight of the meal. Show a genuine interest in others by asking them a few questions. Also, the broader your knowledge is on a wide range of general topics, the better you’ll come across as someone worth talking to in the long run.

Take Note of Your Body Language

When you’re uncomfortable but don’t say it, it’s still possible for others to notice by your body language. In other words, it’s a language that’s equally as important as our spoken language. You should always sit straight and look at the person you’re talking to or listening to. Also, avoid talking with a full mouth, chewing with your mouth open, and pointing at others with your utensils. 

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Posted on Mar 19 2019

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