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Not Flying? 4 Things You Can Do With Mileage Besides Fly

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Are your miles stacking up? Sometimes you just can't fly enough to use up all those miles -- or sometimes you may just never be able to accumulate enough miles to get a free flight or upgrade. Either way, there are other things you can do with your miles besides simply use them for flights.

  • Purchase items at the airport. Some airlines, such as United Airlines, will let you buy things at the airport itself with mileage. While this doesn't usually have as good of a cash value as using your mileage for travel, it can be an excellent solution for those who really aren't planning on doing a lot of traveling after their trip.
  • Cash them out. Sometimes you can cash out your mileage for a small amount of money rather than using it for a flight -- perfect if you're going to be traveling some other way. Some airlines won't let you cash out directly but will let you buy gift cards for shops and restaurants that you enjoy. If the airlines offers both options, you can usually get more in value for buying a gift card than you could for cashing out.
  • Buy products through the airline. Many airlines offer a selection of products that you can purchase through their portal. These portals usually have a fairly wide selection, from golf equipment to tech tools. Of course, you usually won't be able to get a fantastic value on the items, but they can still be a great reward for those who aren't going to use their miles otherwise.
  • ?Donate it to charity. If you definitely aren't going to use your miles, don't forget the fact that you can donate them. Many charities need mileage and you may then be able to include the value of the donation in your taxes.

Your airline may have even more ways that you can use your mileage -- and don't forget that you can use your mileage for upgrades, too. Before spending them you might want to check on whether they expire, and if so, how long it would take them to expire.

Posted on Dec 04 2014

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