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Organize a Fantastic Company Retreat with 5 Easy Steps

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If you’ve yet to plan a company retreat before this, there’s definitely a few things you should keep in mind. First of all, you’ll have to determine the number of people involved as well as their roles for the duration. Secondly, it’s good to plan to ensure that the trip meets the budget requirements and to allow for attendees to be prepared physically and mentally.

This will also be a good time to treat everyone to a little something extra. With our Vancouver limo service, you can easily ride from any point within the city and have fun while doing so. Our professionally-trained chauffeurs are always on hand to help, and you can be assured of a safe and comfortable experience.

Other than that, there’s also a couple more things you should be aware of for a fruitful and memorable time together:


Set and Follow a Clear Goal

Company retreats can be a little tricky in some ways. The overall expectation at the start would usually be a trip that mostly involves bonding and having fun. If you have a different idea in mind though, you could end up with more disgruntled looks than you expected. To avoid this, have a clear discussion with those attending beforehand and agree on the agenda. After that, make sure to inform everyone that’s involved.


You Don’t Have to Start Big

Depending on your available budget for your company retreat, you might want to have it locally or just outside your locality. Not only does this help you to save on cost, you’ll still end up with the same effect. Money which you will otherwise spend on a farther venue or transportation can be used on other aspects of the retreat, e.g. food, activities, and length of retreat.


Involve Key Players

Just like with team sports, you’ll definitely want to have your best players helming the start. Not only does this provide the necessary momentum at the start of the trip, it also encourages a better turnout. By including influential people in the company from a social or political standpoint, you’ll also increase the chances of more inclusive involvement.


Choose a Facilitating Venue

Not all locations are suitable for a company retreat, especially one that emphasizes a certain amount of work-related activities. Venues with boardrooms or meeting facilities are useful because it helps to distinguish fun time from work time. With proper chairs, tables and amenities for discussions, everyone will be able to properly focus on the task at hand.


Remember to Follow-Up

It’s happened often enough after coming back from a retreat, people go back to their usual jobs and the retreat is forgotten in an instant. To keep the memory fresher for longer and to provide a stronger motivational source, you should either have a follow-up meeting or have an email sent with whatever items were accomplished and discussed so that everyone has a better idea. You can also keep it as a record to better prepare and compare when the next retreat comes up.

Posted on Oct 10 2017

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