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Organizing Your Wedding Like A Pro

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This is your important milestone, and it’s understandable that you’re facing difficulty in relinquishing control of the planning and execution process. However, you need to understand that seeking help from others is a much healthier way than trying to do everything on your own. There are plenty of resources that we can utilize, be it the people around us, professional help, or even various tools and services. 
Rather than think to yourself that this isn’t something for anyone else to handle but you, delegation is really the smarter choice. Now, we understand that you might not be comfortable with delegating, so we’ve taken the liberty of providing you with some tips to help you get started: 

Make a List of Your Priorities 

Learning how to prioritize in life becomes very apparent when you’re preparing for your own wedding. You have to accept that you cannot do everything on your own, and you really shouldn’t. After all, this is about enjoying the process before the big day, not burning out. Decide on some priorities with your partner, then delegate the remaining tasks to other family members and friends in order for them to be able to help you manage things effectively. 
For example, if you’re particular about the arrangement of decorative flowers during the big day, don’t delegate this task to others. However, if you don’t care too much about the types of drinks that will be served during your wedding reception, you can always let your friends or family members handle this job instead. They won’t be making the final call, but you’ll get a curated list of options to choose from once they’re done. 

Count on a Wedding Planner 

The process of planning and managing your own wedding can be a real headache, and that’s the reason why the wedding industry is thriving even more so today. Rather than depend on your limited amount of experience with wedding planning and organizing, it makes sense to lean on the expertise of established wedding planners and coordinators for your own special day. 
After all, hiring them doesn’t mean you’re going to be spending even more money, and in fact, it might mean saving you the money and time that you would otherwise be using while stumbling around in the dark. They’ll be able to help you handle tasks that you would not have time to do on your own and the annoying ones that you would rather not handle. If you’ve found the right people to help, you’ll also be able to leverage on their little black book of trusted vendors that they use on a regular basis.

Count on Your Loved Ones

Other than leveraging on your own strengths and talents, this is also a great time to bond with family members and friends and also make use of their gifts and talents. Now, this isn’t to say that you will leave them to handle everything. Rather, it just means that they will be given the lead in managing the task which you’ve appointed them for, and this will allow them to come up with recommendations which will then be shared with you. 
The key to taking away from all this is that although you’re kept in the loop throughout the entire process, you’ll be able to truly and effectively make use of those around you to help you accomplish tasks which you are just not as good at handling. Now, isn’t that a reality worth considering?

Ask Your Friends for Ideas 

Don’t burn the candle at both ends when it comes to your wedding. Gather round a small group of people whose opinions you trust and use them as a sounding board to discuss the various ideas and options available out there. In this case, you’ll be leveraging on other people’s gifts and talents, and you’ll be surprised at just how inspired you can be in terms of preparing for your wedding. 
Once you’ve narrowed down the options you’re looking to execute, you can then proceed to delegate them out to people whom you know are suited to handling it. Of course, choosing the right person at this stage will definitely make all the difference.

Learn to Trust and Follow-Up

You know that irritating feeling when someone is constantly looking over your shoulder and wondering if you’re going to be alright? Well, don’t put yourself in the same position of doing exactly that when it comes to your own wedding planning process. No one wants or needs a nervous mother hen clucking about and poking her head into everything.
Once you’ve assigned the various tasks to people whom you trust, you need to learn to let go of the reins and let them handle it their own way. Now, this does not mean that you are signing off on the entire process, but rather that you’re able to trust them. A great added benefit to you is that you also have more free time and mind space to concentrate on the things you would much rather handle on your own.

Count on Online Solutions 

There’s nothing wrong in outsourcing work to someone else with the experience or expertise. We won’t be good at everything, and it’s time we learn that paying for professional help doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. For example, sites like Fiverr and Thumbtack are readily accessible online, and they provide tons of different types of professional people who’re more than willing to help us out. Similarly, if we have no idea how to go about planning and managing transportation for our special day, it’s best to leave this to the professionals. 

Our Vancouver car service is no stranger when it comes to weddings and other special occasions. Be it transportation for the happy couple or group transportation for your wedding guests, you can rest assured that our experienced chauffeurs are more than up to the task. 
We’ll love to have you on board with us, and you can rest assured that you’ll be our number one priority. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today to find out more about our Whistler limo rental for special events. Our special events transportation solutions ensure your most important events will be memorable. We know how much planning you put into this event, and we’ll do everything we can to make it one to remember. 

Posted on Apr 17 2019

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