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How to pack light for your next business trip

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No matter if you’re packing for a short weekend getaway or a longer period, packing light provides an advantage for the business traveler, both in financial and in mobility terms. Did you know that multiple airlines apply restrictions on checked and carry-on luggage? This implies certain taxes for checked baggage and weight limits regarding both of them. Some of the companies might even demand you extra fees if you check your luggage at the gate. If you have to carry your luggage around with you, it's very important to keep it light. Don't worry about having to survive with less clothing. Just think that you will benefit from plenty of bonuses! Below you'll find our suggestions on how to pack light for your business trip.

Get the Right Bag

The first step is to pack right and in an adequate bag! You have to choose a carry-on befitting the dimensions of the airline you’re flying with. So, it's advisable to verify the important airlines’ present standards before thinking to buy new luggage. There are plenty of variants to chose from for easily carrying your luggage: a small rolling suitcase with stiff rectangular sides, duffel bags and messenger bags of different sizes. Whatever you choose has advantages and disadvantages at the same time, but analyze things and decide which bag is perfect for your trip.

Pack the Right Items

Remember that you have to pack light and for business purposes. So think of taking a few versatile pieces that can be mixed into creating different outfits for multiple occasions. Also, consider that the more layers you have, the more looks you can pull off. Additionally, it gives you the flexibility to adjust depending on the weather changes. When there are changes in temperature from one day to the next, you have the simple option to wear a cardigan or light jacket if it's cooler or to remove a layer if it gets too hot. Having multiple layers of clothes gives you the possibility to spruce up or on the contrary, dress down certain ensembles, like adding a blazer to a casual shirt to make it adequate for a casual business meeting.

Don't be afraid, you can still pack light while packing in layers, but only if you make sure the items can be combined if needed. Try not to choose colorful clothes, except a few key pieces, to make your wardrobe more versatile. Instead, take with you more neutrals, blacks, and whites. For example, a pair of black pants, a couple of neutral or white tops, a few black jackets or similar neutral business attire will give you the possibility to change in different outfits regularly. The touch of color can be your jewelry or your tops, but try to stick to black and neutral pieces to pack a lighter bag.

Pack Efficiently

While traveling, the dilemma is to pack as much stuff as you can into your luggage without wrinkling your clothes or making the bag too heavy. If you have some spare time before your meetings, you can pack more relaxed and iron your clothing on-site. But remember that you can face delays, and you don't need the added stress of ironing your clothes when you’re already in a hurry. We advise you to place the heavier items on the bottom, like your shoes and fill them with ties, belts or even socks. Also, don't forget to put your shoes in bags to protect your clothes from getting dirty and to fold your clothing vertically and roll it loosely when placing it in your bag. This prevents wrinkling it and gives you the possibility to fit more clothing per layer. Regarding the matter of toiletries, pack them together and try to keep them small.

Reduce Toiletries

You probably know already there's a rule of not being allowed to travel with liquids over 3.4 fluid ounces. Place all your liquids in an accessible plastic bag so you can move quickly through the security check. It's not advisable to pack shampoo, conditioner or even a hair dryers because most hotels will provide these. Therefore, reduce toiletries to the essentials: a small travel razor, travel toothbrush, travel toothpaste and a small contact lens solution if needed.

Pass on Souvenirs

The logical conclusion is that the more souvenirs you accumulate while traveling for business, the heavier your bag will be. Some people might not mind returning with a heavier luggage, but having a lighter bag on your way home is equally beneficial as having one on your departure! Why not bring back only photos and memories? If you still want to take some souvenirs with you, choose only take a few and especially the lighter items.

When traveling for business, you need to focus only on your work. Therefore, think of reducing your stresses by scheduling ground transportation. Griffin Transportation’s corporate ground transportation services give corporate travelers the possibility to save their most valuable possession, their time. Our limousine service offers a state-of- the-art fleet, exquisitely maintained. Our experts know how important it is for busy executives and professionals to meet deadlines and arrive on time, no matter their destination.


Leave aside the stress of finding a taxi or sharing a shuttle at the beginning of your Vancouver trip and hire our Vancouver airport transportation. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the drive without thinking about taxi meters or getting lost through the city. No matter if you're coming to or from Victoria for business or personal reasons, the best solution for you to relax on the way to and from the airport is to choose a limousine service. The benefits are that you won't worry about the traffic and parking space anymore. You'll be able to relax and enjoy the ride. Call Griffin Transportation today if you want the best Vancouver airport transportation.

Posted on May 24 2016

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