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Pack Like a Pro: Executive Travel Need Not Be Painful

The Ultimate in Safety, Service and Satisfaction

Travel is a necessary and frequent aspect of modern business life. While it will always pose challenges, be tiring and suck days out of our schedules, with a bit of planning and some thought it need not be too much hassle. Luggage is one aspect that you can assume complete control of and with a few guiding principles reduce the time, thought and effort required. Here’s our best advice.

Carry-on Culture

Checking bags is not desirable for many reasons: it’s starting to cost more and more with most airlines today; it’ll cost you time at both ends and you always run the risk of losing something with a checked bag. So, you’re starting point should be to acquire the largest possible carry-on bag that suits your needs. Do a bit of research with the airlines that you usually fly with to ensure that you comply with size restrictions

You should be able to go for up to 5 days without any great discomfort with a carry-on, so long as you pack just things you need and make use of space saving techniques. For example, most hotels offer complimentary washing and cleaning products, towels, bathrobes and so on.

When it comes to clothing, a great approach is to pack things that can easily dressed-up for more formal occasions and dressed-down for the less formal. A navy blue jacket is a great example; it’s relaxed and casual teamed with light slacks/skirt and lighter colored shirt/blouse but with suit trousers and a smart tie for men, it’s smart enough for any occasion.

Packing – science not art

Once you know what you need to pack, you now just need to get it into you carry-on in such a fashion that will not ruin all your clothes and cause zips to burst. Rolling clothes can avoid wrinkles and packing things inside other things, such as socks into shoes can help save yet more space. Also, packing the things you want to be least compressed last.


Your tablet or phone can double up as your entertainment system and save you having to carry a novel or newspaper with you for your free time. If you like to travel with lots of devices, you could save yet more space by taking just simple USB adaptors and using a single device, with a mains adaptor, to charge the rest.

Griffin Transportation is proud to support our local business people who must travel, not just in our home base of Vancouver, B.C. and neighboring Seattle but, through our affiliates, worldwide.  With Griffin, you can rest assured that we will provide you with the very best possible service, tailored to your needs. We always aim to provide: “The Ultimate in Safety, Service and Satisfaction”. Call our travel team today to come on board.

Posted on Jan 30 2014

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