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Pro Tips For Planning Corporate Travel

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Planning corporate transport to an unfamiliar location is challenging; it requires research, time and maybe even luck to be successful. On the other hand, business travelers who are frequently on the road know just how important it is to get the details right. While they may have preferred hotels, restaurants and airlines, tying all this together in a new city against time pressure is such a way that the traveler can perform requires some simple guiding principles. This post gives you some ideas about how to tackle one aspect of this challenge.

The First Step

After you land, you must get from the airport to where your event or conference will take place. You have a number of options, each with advantages and disadvantages. Your basic task is to get where you need to go in the most efficient way possible and then arrive capable of giving it your best.

You can rent a car and hope that you can navigate through a new city, avoid the traffic and find somewhere to park in the time available. This may work for out of town, quite meetings but let’s face it, there are not many of those.

A different option is to jump in a cab. You should get there on time and won’t have to worry about parking. This can be a great solution if you get a good cab driver and, depending which airport you’re at and where you’re going, you may even get a taxi at the time you need to. There are many great, honest English speaking cab drivers but it could just as easily be the case that you don’t get there on time and find yourself trusting to the GPS navigating the cab and when it was last updated.

The greenest option, besides cycling, could be to take public transport. Some cities have wonderfully efficient mass transit systems, many more have crime ridden, packed and confusing subways that are anything other than a quick way to get to your destination. Make sure you research this option thoroughly before committing to it.

The best option is simply to hire a chauffeured car from a reputable firm that is in the business of getting people like you where they need to be every day. As far a cost goes, if you chose to pay by the hour it may work out cheaper than hire cars or cabs and it will certainly be less hassle than public transport or dealing with rental agencies.

What’s more, a professional ground transportation company will know a city and its business area inside out. So you can always rely on someone else to consider traffic patterns, parking considerations and route finding. If the overriding goal of your trip is to arrive capable of performing, a chauffeured car service is the best way of ensuring that this goal is met.

We can help you put together a great transport plan. Griffin Transportation is a Vancouver, BC, based company that aims to provide: The Ultimate in Safety, Service and Satisfaction”. With Griffin you can rest assured that our expert staff can provide you with the very best possible service, tailored to your green needs not just locally but, through our carefully selected affiliates, worldwide.

Posted on Feb 14 2014

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