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Productivity Tips: Working while out of Office

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When working outside the office, you might need help being productive. If you're working from home or spend a lot of time traveling, it can be tough to stay on task and focused.


Minimize Interruptions

Working outside of the office can help you minimize interruptions especially if you work from home. Close the door to the home office, turn off your phone and leave your email alone for a few hours. You might be surprised by what you can accomplish when colleagues and employees are not poking their heads into your office to ask questions. Even brief interruptions can ruin concentration, so it can take twice as long to finish a project. That can be a serious problem when it's time sensitive.


Change Your Environment

You might be wondering why people spend hours in a coffee shop working when they have a home office or a desk at work. A change in location can give you some serious motivation. If you have a hard time working in a loud space, wearing earbuds with light music or white noise can block out the conversations around you. The energized pace of the coffee shop can electrify you and the caffeine can't hurt either.


Commuting to a Location

During long commutes to and from the airport on business trips, it's a good time to work on your business. It's one of the only times that you might be able to turn off your phone and really make some progress. Unfortunately, you can't drive and work from your computer unless you have Whistler transportation take you to your destination. You'll be able to allow the chauffeur from Whistler limo service safely get you to your destination while you work on your business. It's a great way to give yourself uninterrupted time to send emails or brainstorm for your business.


Take Breaks

One of the ways to be productive out of the office might seem counter intuitive, but it's vital to your mental and physical well being. It influences how productive you are in and out of the office. Take small breaks throughout the day to take a walk or head to the gym. When your blood is pumping, you can clear your head and increase your focus.


Accountability Partners

If you are working on side projects or time sensitive jobs for a client, you might need an accountability partner to make sure you stick to your schedule. Some people are working together in co-working spaces to ensure that they're sticking to their goals. Working with someone else can keep you focused when you know that at the end of the week, your partner will ask how things went. A co-working space is geared towards providing a space for people to work outside the office while having work-related conversations occasionally. It's a good idea for those who need the motivation outside of work.

These tips should help you be more productive outside of the office. Whether you're a frequent traveler or need a space to work without interruption, it can be tough to stay productive without a plan and a goal. Make sure you have ways to work that make sense for your lifestyle too.

Posted on Feb 07 2017

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