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Remembering SkyMall's Wild and Weird Catalog Offerings

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Seasoned air travelers may be saddened that SkyMall has recently filed for bankruptcy. SkyMall entertained airline passengers with its ubiquitous catalogs, which you could find in the pocket on the back of the seat in front of you.

If it’s been a while since you thumbed through a SkyMall catalog, here are some of the weirdest items offered in its pages, as noted by a recent report at CNET.

“Star Trek” Captain’s Dog Bed

Fans of the futuristic space-faring series Star Trek and its many spin-off shows could bring a piece of the show into their homes with this wacky pet bed that reproduces the captain’s chair onboard the Enterprise.

Bigfoot Lives in Your Backyard

Do you believe in the existence of Bigfoot, also often referred to as Yeti or Sasquatch? This enormous figure was immortalized in the form of a 6-foot high Garden Yeti statue that weighs 146 pounds. Designed to stand in your garden, this backyard Bigfoot was one of the more amusing offerings in the SkyMall catalog.

Put a Squirrel on Your Wall

Hunters will take their trophies to the taxidermist so they can show off the deer and other animals they capture while out in the wilds. The folks at SkyMall provided a funny twist on this wall decoration in the form of the Mounted Squirrel Head. Approximately the size of an actual squirrel, this item is described as being “super realistic” with its small paws hanging down (it’s not just a head; this item includes a large part of the animal’s torso for greater comic effect).

Lil’ Sushi Newborn Swaddle Blanket and Hat Set

You know how relatives will say that a newborn baby looks so cute that they want to “eat it?” In an interesting twist, SkyMall introduced a blanket that resembles green seaweed and a hat that looks like fish eggs and rice. Whether you were in a mood to eat sushi or not, it would be difficult to suppress a smile after you wrap up an infant in this silly costume.

It’s a shame that the SkyMall catalog has fallen on some hard times. The amusing items offered in its pages certainly entertained airline passengers and made long-distance journeys more enjoyable. It will be missed.

Posted on Jan 28 2015

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