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Robots will Take Care of Guests in Japanese Hotel

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Have you ever been disappointed by rude employees at a hotel, who either ignored you or treated you with disrespect when trying to check in? The hotel might have been short on staff, leading the remaining team members to grow frustrated and stressed as they try to please each arriving guest. Or, the staffers might not have the same motivation to treat guests properly as when they first became employees at the hotel.

Perhaps it is time to transition to hotels that employ robots rather than humans. Robots can perform work much more efficiently and are tireless, able to work multiple shifts.

They can also be programmed to do repetitive tasks that humans would prefer not to have to do anymore, and you will expect to get the same type of service on a consistent basis because of the software controlling the machines.

With that in mind, the Henn-Na Hotel in Nagasaki, Japan will be staffed in part by robots, or androids that resemble actual people, according to a recent article in the Telegraph.

The hotel is being built in Huis Ten Bosch, a theme park that resembles a Dutch town. It will feature robots that behave like humans as they greet each guest checking in, bring their luggage to their rooms and even make coffee for weary travelers. Robots with a human look can be programmed to smile, helping humans feel more at ease in the mechanical creatures’ presence.

The Henn-Na Hotel is scheduled to open this July, with four porter and general service robots, cleaning robots and a robot that will serve as the cloakroom attendant. Instead of using physical keys to access their rooms, guests will be allowed to use facial recognition that will detect their identity and let them in for greater convenience.

Whether you find yourself drawn more toward the idea of robotic workers checking you in and generally taking care of business at the hotel or you prefer the kind of experience that you can only get with a staff of humans, it’s always nice to arrive at your accommodations in a well-appointed limousine. Contact us today to set up your next ground transportation arrangements.


Posted on Feb 12 2015

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