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Skype Translator Will Kick Off with English and Spanish Service

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People communicate using the English language in so many parts of the world these days, travelers can often get by without immersing themselves in a second language prior to their trip. If your high school or college foreign language classes are now but distant memories or if you never had a chance to pick up a second language, you may feel awkward when trying to speak with locals during your business trips.

Phrase books and pocket translators can help in a pinch, and you can always hire a multilingual tour guide or a translator who specializes in your industry, of course. But it’s always nice to be self-sufficient when it comes to communicating your needs in a new country. Luckily for world travelers, developments are being made to help people communicate more effectively despite their language barriers.

Fans of the popular Skype communication service will be delighted to learn that the company will be rolling out a new translation service. Skype Translator is currently still being developed and tested. The company’s first offerings will be English and Spanish, enabling folks who are native speakers in either language to communicate more easily with one another.

After Microsoft corporation purchased Skype, the technology giant began throwing its vast programming talent toward improving the service so more people could use it more effectively. The Skype Translator service is the culmination of decades of work in machine learning technology, automatic translation and speech recognition.

Skype Translator will translate your conversation in what the company calls “near real-time,” with whatever the other person says to being translated into your preferred language.

What’s more, you will see a transcript of everything you say in the call displayed on-screen. The company says it will let people use the service to send out instant messages using more than 40 languages.

Microsoft is enabling English-speaking and Spanish-speaking people who use Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.1 Technical Preview on their desktop or tablet computers to participate in the preview stage of their translator project preview. The company will use the results of these tests to fine-tune the finished project, especially in such areas as slang and colloquialisms.


Posted on Jan 23 2015

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