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Stay Healthy This Summer While Traveling with These Great Tips

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If you’re thinking of going places this summer, you’ll also want to keep in mind that your enjoyment will only go as far as the state of your health. Outdoor BBQs, pool parties and the occasional getaway are absolutely fine, but you’ll want to remember that staying outside for long hours under the hot sun can be detrimental to our health if we don’t take some precautions. 

One way to keep cool and avoid getting overheated is with our comfortable, air-conditioned vehicles when you choose our Vancouver car service. The last thing you’ll want to do is enter a car that’s been baking under the sun for hours, so just book our Whistler limo rental and leave the driving to us. Tell us where you’ll like to go and sit back and enjoy the ride while our reliable chauffeurs do all the work. 

If you’re wondering how else to stay healthy this summer, just take a look at our awesome tips down below: 

Drink Plenty of Water

When you’re having so much fun under the sun, it’s not easy to remember that our bodies dehydrate a lot more rapidly and that water is essential to maintaining healthy body functions. One way to solve this is by carrying a water bottle whenever you’re outdoors, and if you’re looking for something a little less cumbersome, there’s also collapsible water bottles that can be folded and placed nicely into your pocket.

You’ll also want to ensure that your daily water intake is at least 64 ounces (or 8 cups). If you’re going to be spending long hours and sweating under the sun, you’ll want to increase your liquid intake, even more, to ensure that you don’t end up dehydrated. 

Wear Hot Weather Clothing 

When traveling outdoors, you’ll want to avoid thick layers as the hot sun will instantly make our life unbearable. Instead, choose natural, breathable fabrics such as cotton and linen which help to wick away sweat more effectively, allowing our bodies to breathe a lot better.

If you’re going to be spending long hours under direct sunlight, you should also stick to wearing lighter colors to avoid excessive heat absorption. Another great summer style idea to incorporate to stay cooler and fresher is by opting for loser pieces of clothing. 

Always Wear Sunscreen

Unless you’re looking to get a great tan this summer, you’ll probably want to avoid the pain of getting sunburned by putting on enough sunscreen. However, you’ll want to remember that activities that lead to sweating and getting into the water wear away our sunscreen layer fast, so re-application is crucial. To make the most of your summer travels, do remember to reapply your sunscreen as often as needed. 

Take Supplements and Vitamins

Before turning up your nose at the thought of taking Vitamin C and other supplements daily in summer, you’ll want to remember that being sick while traveling is the absolute pits. This is especially essential if you intend to spend more time in public areas that can also be crowded. After all, it isn’t that hard to catch someone else’s germs.  

For those against the idea of consuming nutrients in the form of pills and tablets, there’s also the option of juices and smoothies instead. Not only does it help you to stay hydrated, but it’s also simply delicious, cooling and healthy. Just head on over to your local juice bar or whip up something quickly at home and start savoring the flavors of summer immediately. 

Have a Healthy Barbecue 

These days, you can easily find plenty of healthier BBQ options online, so it’s time to expand your palette for the sake of your health this summer. In case you were dreading the thought of a dry and tasteless meal, don’t be. Prepared right, you’ll soon realize that drenching your ingredients in BBQ sauce is not the only way to enjoy a BBQ. 

Stay away from unhealthy fats that just serve to clog up your arteries and opt for leaner cuts instead. Adding grilled vegetables, fruits and mushrooms will also give you more options to indulge in. From grilled corn and eggplants to portobello mushrooms, bananas and pineapples, the sky’s really the limit. 

Never Skip a Healthy Breakfast

Our first meal of the day is an important one as it gives us that extra zip and energy. With that being said, it’s even more important to ensure that our day starts out with the right meal while traveling outdoors. After all, you wouldn’t want to start feeling faint or exhausted while going about your activities, right?

If the option to prepare your own breakfast presents itself, choose a balanced meal that includes protein, healthy fats and fiber. However, if you’re lacking the time, ingredients and space to prepare your meal, you can always grab a healthy breakfast outside instead. 

Don’t Forget to Exercise

It’s impossible to be healthy without exercising, but what some of us are unaware of is that exercising incorrectly is also detrimental to our health. We understand that fitting in regular exercise while traveling can be challenging, but there are still options that allow for it with less time and space.

In summer, one of the best ways to exercise is by hitting the water, but if you’re not a fan of getting wet, there’s still plenty you can do outdoors. Of course, you’ll want to avoid the hottest hours of the day as that can easily lead to a heat stroke or dehydration. You can also employ some precooling techniques such as downing a slushie before your workout to stay cool and happy.

Avoid Alcohol as Much as Possible 

If you’re thinking of a refreshing cocktail for summer, you’re not the only one. However, you need to be aware that consuming alcohol actually depletes our body’s water stores and speeds up dehydration. If you’re traveling on the road, do avoid hard liquor and stick to lighter options such as beer and wine instead.

Posted on Jul 09 2019

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