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Stuck in Transit: How to get Some Sleep in the Airport

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No matter how well you plan, your scheduled flight might be late or get canceled, leaving you tired and wondering how you are going to get any rest before you eventually get to take off. It’s important to conserve your strength while traveling, and this includes getting sufficient rest every day.

You’ve probably seen exhausted travelers sacked out in chairs near the boarding area at the airport and hoped that you would never have to sleep out in public like that yourself because of a problem with your flight. Sometimes it makes more sense to catch some sleep at the airport, though, rather than trying to find a nearby hotel, noted a recent article at Road Warrior Voices.

Whether your flight was delayed or canceled because of bad weather or equipment failure, once you know it’s going to be a while, you might as well search for a suitable location to catch some Zs.

Find an airport employee and ask about the facility’s operating hours. Smaller airports may shut down the terminals at night. Select an international gate, since they are more likely to be open later.

Ask the employee if he or she has a cot that you could take a nap on. Cots are a bit Spartan, but they may be a better option than the terminal’s chairs.

When there are no cots and if the departure gate for your flight doesn’t have any comfortable chairs, take some time and walk around the airport so you can see if there are better options at other departure gates.

Airport lounges will have more amenities. You can typically gain access by purchasing a day pass. If you cannot get in or don’t want to spend extra, look for a chapel or meditation space. Such an environment will likely be much quieter than the rest of the airport and you will probably find it less crowded to boot.

At Griffin Transportation, we know that the more rest you can get, the better you will be able to function on your business trips. We hope that these tips will help you find the peace and relaxation you deserve when problems occur with your flight at the airport.

Posted on Apr 30 2015

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