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Technology The Most Influential Factor in Business Travel Over The Last Two Decades

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Technology was voted the single largest influence in the business travel market during the last 20 years, and nearly half (8 of the top 20) issues set to change travel management this year are technology related.

The research comes from the Business Travel Show, who commissioned an annual buyer survey and Intelligence Report. The survey encompassed 183 travel, category and procurement managers; and notably more than half (55 percent) had budgets of £3 million or more and 65 percent managed programmes serving more than 500 business travelers.


At the extreme end of the findings was the fact that one percent of buyers now complete all their business online. Many (60 percent) use technological alternatives to travel, such as video conferencing, to a greater extent than just one year ago. Interestingly, 20 percent of respondents have an app which allows clients to book travel.


An expanding area that the survey discovered was increasing technologically driven efforts to encourage compliance with policy. More than one-third currently use online tools to monitor and drive compliance and the majority (61 percent) feel mobile technology will assist them in keeping travelers within policy.

“The impact that technology has had on the business travel industry over the last 20 years is indisputable thanks in the most part to the internet, which made it possible to book trips online,” commented Business Travel Show event director David Chapple.

“These days technology impacts every touch point along the travel buying process and the next task for buyers is learning how to utilize and integrate technology in a way that keeps travelers happy AND compliant.”

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Posted on Feb 07 2014

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