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The 3 Best New Gadgets and Apps for Tech-Savvy Travelers

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Those who regularly travel for business know how important it is to be prepared for anything with the latest technology and best gadgets. The right technology will save you time, making you more efficient, keeping you entertained during appropriate breaks and keeping you in touch with not just your office but also your friends and family. Tech has made it easier to keep a busy schedule; bouncing from city to city, while staying productive, keeping projects on track and steering your team back in the office. Bad tech takes a long time to learn, does not make you any better off and will be quickly superseded. So this week’s post take a look at what today’s tech-savvy travelers have with them.

MacBook Air 13-Inch

The MacBook Air is the must have tech item for any frequent traveler. It is expensive compared to other options, so why is it worth while? The answer lies in its compact size, light weight, awesome screen and 12 hour battery life. If you were to make a list of the things you want in a notebook you’d describe the MacBook Air. You will find it a pleasure to travel with; quickly powering up when needed and taking up the minimum possible amount of room.

Kindle Paperwhite

For book lovers the Kindle Paperwhite is the ultimate solution. It offers the most book-like display on the market today; not tiring your eyes with luminescence but allowing for lower light situations. The other major advantages of the Kindle Paperwhite are its long battery life and large memory, meaning you can use it for several trips before having to charge it or buy more reading material. For those with limited space, this device is compact enough that you’ll barely notice it. It’s these reasons that have made the Kindle popular amount frequent travelers and this version is the best yet.

The GateGuru App

While apps have promised a lot and delivered many streamlining functions to business travel this particular app is designed with the menace of airports in mind. It starts with the assumption that a new airport poses many time consuming challenges. This app seeks to make the process a whole lot easier, tracking flights and ensuring that you know which gate to be at and when. It will also show you how to get there. When something changes, such as a delay, this app really swings in to action; providing you an update to the flight’s status and any relevant gate changes.

Business travel can be a challenge. These three items of technology can make the process easier and more pleasant. We can offer you assistance with one other aspect of business travel: as a ground transportation company we can provide you the very best possible service, tailored to your needs, to ensure that once you arrive at your airport you are met and transported to your destination in as much comfort as possible and with all that you need to be successful. Based in Vancouver, B.C., Griffin Transportation aims to provide The Ultimate in Safety, Service and Satisfaction. Call us today for a no obligation chat about just what services we can provide.


Posted on Oct 25 2013

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