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The 5 Most Damaging Things Business Travelers Do When Traveling

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Unfortunately, corporate travel is a way of life for many Americans. Travel can be exciting and is certainly necessary but it takes an undeniable toll on mind, body and relationships. In this article you will find the 5 worst things people do to themselves while on the road, together with suggestions for mitigating the damage.

Eating the wrong thing…

It can be really hard to avoid the airport food trap. Here are a few tips to avoid having to fill up on fries and chips. Preparation is the key to eating well. Taking your own healthy snack such as fruits and nuts will help to keep hunger at bay. You can use this time to find somewhere really good to eat. A deli with cooked meats, freshly baked bread and fruit juices is one great destination to find healthy food. Another is a good real restaurant with freshly prepared food instead of a fast food joint. You can use your smart phone to guide you to these destinations. 

Not drinking the right things

As I have pointed out above, becoming dehydrated is one of the key negative interconnected factors affecting business travellers. All that air-con, travel and coffee sucks the liquid out of you. This leaves you tired, lethargic and less likely to do the right thing, such as some light exercise or walk round the block to find something good to eat.

Late nights

The usual routine for business travel is a spot of entertainment for your clients in the evenings. This is a great thing: whether it is celebrating a deal or cementing a business relationship, corporate entertainment is a vital part of fostering the trust required for productive business. The problem is when sensible turns into a session.

We all know alcohol dehydrates, so take water. But, even drinking water will not stop the effect of two bottles of wine and 3 large scotches; so, drink sensibly. Alcohol also effects your judgement; this can undo all the good work that you have spent the entire day trying to achieve.

Wasting time on ground transportation

Travelling is stressful enough without being late, lost or struggling with your bags to find a hire car in a 1000 space car park. Wasting time on ground transportation is just plain silly. Of all the possible options a sedan service may not be the cheapest but it is by far the most reliable, stress free and the best preparation a pressurised executive can make before hitting a big meeting.

The most common option, a taxi can seem cheaper but you’ll have to find one, hope they know exactly where you’re going and trust that they will not take you all round town to hike the fair. The other option, a hire car, can be just daft in a foreign city, when you need to prepare yourself for a big deal. And that is assuming you can find somewhere to park! A better option is to use a trusted and responsible limousine service like Griffin Transportation.

At Griffin Transportation, we  provide exceptional service. When you use Griffin Transportation, each and every ride with us is exceptional, because we think our customers are exceptional. Call us today for your limousine service needs in Vancouver and worldwide.

Posted on Jun 05 2013

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