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The 5 Most Frustrating Issues With Flying (And How to Manage Them)

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A recent survey uncovered the most frustrating issues that flyers experience -- but luckily, most of these issues can be properly managed with just a little bit of additional planning. Most of the problems are about as expected, with one additional item that might be a bit surprising.

1. Smaller Seating.

Are airplane seats really getting smaller? Mostly, they aren't, on a per plane basis -- but smaller planes are being used more often, especially for short city-to-city hops. To avoid the frustrations of smaller seating, try to position yourself near a bulkhead or near an exit row. You can also ask for an upgrade once you get to the gate. Larger flights and longer flights will naturally be much more accommodating than smaller services, so this can also be a factor.

2. Bad Food.

It seems as though the joke about terrible airline food still rings true. The small portions and strange, microwaved meals still give some flyers a bit of flight sickness. But because most meals need to be purchased rather than being complementary, the flyer has an additional solution: simply purchase a meal "to go" before you board. By arriving a little earlier in the airport, you can get one of the fantastic meals available at one of the many chain restaurants inside of the airport. These restaurants are also skilled at getting the food out fast so you won't be late to your gate.

3. The Additional Costs.

Surprisingly, one of the most irritating things about flights were added expenses. There are many added expenses that a flyer may encounter: fees for luggage, added on insurance costs and overall expenses. Flight costs have been steadily rising, and flyers are beginning to get frustrated. But flyers still can save money on flights by using online tools and being flexible flyers. There are many deals to be had for those willing to go through alternative airports or fly during off days.

If you hate to travel for any of the above reasons, rest assured that there are ways to avoid them -- and to make your travel plans more comfortable and rewarding overall.

Posted on Dec 12 2014

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