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The Difference Between Public and Private Transport

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It’s pretty easy to get lost in an unfamiliar location, especially if you’ve just arrived at the airport in the middle of the night. Of course, you could resort to catching public transportation, but that really isn’t the safest way to arrive at your destination. After all, anything can happen on the road, especially if the driver is ready to doze off at the wheel.

Our Vancouver limousine service is always up for the task, and our chauffeurs are more than prepared to fetch and drop you off at any time of the day. Rather than taking a risk with public transportation, why not just pre-arrange a private airport transfer with us today? Just give us a phone call or book our services online whenever you want or need our services.

Then again though, you’ll still need to know the difference between public and private transportation to make an informed decision:


Public Transport

There are obvious benefits to taking public transport, such as cheaper rates and equal charges for everyone, but there are a few significant setbacks to watch out for. If the vehicle is too packed, you’ll have no choice but to catch another one. The driver is also not going to wait for latecomers since they have a schedule to keep. All in all, you’ll need to be prepared in case anything goes wrong. If there’s a delay in their schedule or an unexpected breakdown, you wouldn’t be informed either.


Private Transport

 The matter of choosing between public and private transport is really a personal one, but you’ll need to know about the benefits of private transport first before you make up your mind:


Time Saver

You needn’t worry about getting left behind or spending precious time waiting for your transport. Private chauffeurs will always be waiting for you and you can be assured that they’ll take the shortest and most effective route to your destination. After all, one of their top priorities is to ensure that you’re never late, so their knowledge of roads and traffic really comes in handy.



You’ll be able to enjoy the seat all to yourself unless you decide to share with someone else. Otherwise, with leather seats being the norm, you’ll definitely have an enjoyable ride for the duration of your journey.



Safety is ultimately the number one priority on the road, especially when the lives of so many are involved. This is why dependable and experienced chauffeurs are necessary as well as stringent background checks and licensing requirements.


Personal Service

There really is such a thing as personal attention that makes private transportation so worthwhile. You won’t be hurried unless you want to rush, and private transportation chauffeurs will always be on hand to assist you with your luggage and items as well as see to your comfort during the journey.

Posted on Apr 17 2018

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