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The Impact of the Sharing Economy on Business Travel

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The sharing economy has had a huge impact on the lower end of the travel market, with all sorts of people sharing any spare capacity they have for a price. Companies in the world of peer-to-peer lodging have recently set their sights on the much more lucrative world of business travel, but will it have any affect? This short post gives you an idea.

Catching on

Just like social media, the sharing economy started with the young and has become more mainstream. It’s safe to say that while it offers business travelers more options, it’s accompanied by a lot of hassle.

For those business travelers on long term assignments looking for a rental apartment, companies like AirBnB, that specialize in matching spare rooms and apartments to those in need, offer a very competitive deal when compared to hotels. You may not get as many luxuries, such as wakeup calls or room service but you may find the experience much more homey.

Competitive alternative

The main advantage that the sharing economy offers over more traditional accommodation options is price. Even on short stays it could work out nearly one-third cheaper than something the same size in a hotel.

The flip side is the hassle. You may not be able to know exactly what to expect; although reviews can help. You may also experience a certain frustration not having the same experience.

Working, wherever

The area that is sure to be of immense interest to business travelers is workspace for hire. You can hire meeting rooms, offices and all the facilities to run a small enterprise by the day and hour. While this has perhaps not yet hit ‘take off velocity’ – with there always being an option nearby – it does allow the business traveler the guarantee that they’ll be able to get something done. Check out liquidspace for an idea of what we mean.

One often overlooked aspect of business travel is the ground transportation – here we can help. Griffin Transportation is a Vancouver, BC, based company that aims to provide: “The Ultimate in Safety, Service and Satisfaction”.With Griffin you can rest assured that our expert staff can provide you with the very best possible service, tailored to your green needs not just locally but, through our carefully selected affiliates, worldwide.

Posted on May 28 2014

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