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The Weirdest Things that Airlines Require of Their Cabin Crews

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One of the great things about traveling on behalf of your company is that you get opportunities to explore and learn about a variety of different cultures around the world. Companies have their own kind of distinct culture as well, as can be seen in how different airlines have very specific requirements that they impose on the crews working in the cabin. A recent article in the Daily Mail highlights some peculiar requirements of airlines that you should keep in mind during your upcoming international flights.


This is something you won’t likely see in job ads in the United States: AirAsia puts out a call for cabin crew recruits, saying that applicants must be aged 20-28 and cannot wear glasses. Fortunately, the airline will allow the crew to wear contact lenses, so they’ll be able to see you when you motion to bring a pillow or a snack.

Brazil’s TAM

If you want to be a member of the air staff at Brazil’s TAM airline, be prepared to first undergo jungle survival courses in the Amazon. This is because more than 50 percent of Brazil is rainforest, and if a plane ever needed to make an emergency landing, such skills would be required to keep the passengers safe.

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways says that its flight attendants need to be able to stretch their arms out 84 inches (while they stand on their tip toes!). This rule is probably to make sure the cabin crew can easily reach items stored in the lockers above the passengers’ heads.

Virgin Atlantic

Appearances count a great deal at Virgin Atlantic, where cabin crew members are required to take classes at a grooming school where they will be schooled in the airline’s standards (including how much makeup they need to wear).

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Posted on Feb 20 2015

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