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Tips for First Time Business Travelers

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Once you have been fortunate enough to get a job that involves traveling, you should immediately prepare for this aspect of your job and for the adventures that await you. The opinions vary: some people find traveling for business to be a burden, while others consider it a blessing. You will decide how that worked for you in a few years.

But for the moment, if you are about to embark on your first trip for business reasons, you should know a few tips to have a great and productive trip, revealed by experienced corporate travelers.

Pack Ahead of Time

You should draft a list specifying in detail the toiletries you need to take with you and also the chargers for your electronic devices. We advise you to always place your medications, toiletries and personal items in your carry-on.

Know Your Company’s Travel Policy

Make sure you are informed about your company’s travel policy to spend money only where you are confident it will be reimbursed. Try to have a clear picture of your daily travel itinerary in each city you visit, as it may vary from one location to another.

Join Loyalty Programs

Did you know that the majority of important airlines, hotels, and car rental enterprises have implemented loyalty programs giving you the possibility to earn points based on the money spent? This bonuses can be used for future upgrades or free tickets, for example. Be loyal to one or two suppliers in each section to maximize the value of the points earned.

Ask for an Upgrade at the Hotel

Be explicit and request a room with a view or the next best room category (standard to deluxe). Verify later in the day or evening your chances for an upgrade, as arriving later can solve your request due to cancellations and no-shows.

Exercise and Eat Healthy

  • Check yourself at a hotel that has a gym or a pool to preserve your daily exercise routine;
  • Be careful and drink a lot of water, because traveling by air is dehydrating.

Use Mobile Apps

  • For incidents caused by weather conditions;
  • For airline status updates (cancellation or delay notifications);
  • To have a complete itinerary in one central place;
  • Airline check-in.

Carry-on Luggage When Possible

  • Verify with your travel expert whether there are baggage restrictions or additional costs;
  • Place your toiletries on top of everything, in clear, quart-size bags;
  • Be prepared for TSA with a valid photo ID;
  • Make sure you don't carry bottles or liquids over 3 oz.

Allow Plenty of Time

Take the appropriate measures to ensure that you arrive at the airport at least an hour and a half earlier than your flight is scheduled because the pre-screening procedure can be quite tedious.

Is not advisable to schedule a meeting too close to your arrival in case of possible delays.

Try to get a good night’s rest before your departure. Along with all these advice, it is also recommended to find a reliable company to provide you with excellent ground transportation solution for all your needs. Griffin Transportation is a renowned top provider of chauffeured transportation services in Vancouver, B.C. and globally. We will always provide you with Exceptional Service, Exceptional People, Exceptional Value.

No matter what your might need: chauffeured car services, corporate or airport limousine services or even groups & meeting transportation, Griffin Transportation ensures you always get quality, value and exceptional services. Contact Griffin Transportation by phone or via the internet.

Due to our extensive experience, our talent and the knowledge of our devoted team, Griffin Transportation ensures your satisfaction right from your first contact with our professional receptionists, continuing with an exceptional travel experience in our vehicles and culminating with an accurate and timely billing. Griffin Transportation's goal is precisely stated: “we will provide our clients with the exceptional global ground transportation services they need to be able to deal with their hectic and complicated lives. “

Posted on May 04 2016

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