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Tips for Increasing Productivity on Business Trips

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Undoubtedly you have many routines and systems set up to help you work as productively as possible, but they were all devised for the tasks you do in the city where you work. When you leave town for business purposes, the old routines won’t all hold up and you could find yourself wasting valuable time. You can get more done when on the road for business if you make an effort to get organized and prioritize the things you will bring with you.

Begin by making arrangements for your transportation and hotels, as well as any special restaurants if you are trying to make a big impression at your destination. The earlier you take care of accommodations, the better, noted a recent article at Entrepreneur. You’ll typically enjoy greater options and can save money. With those details out of the way, you’ll be more productive.

Consider all the items you plan to pack. Identify what you can leave out and what you must leave. If you can avoid checking luggage, you’ll be more productive, so minimize the number of things to pack by making lists. You might want to mail some items to your destination ahead of time so you won’t have to deal with them during the trip.

Of course, you have plenty of time to read while a professionally trained chauffeur takes you to the airport. When you get on board, use the time to work, reading, writing and preparing for your first meetings. If you are completely prepared, you might want to practice networking with fellow passengers (only if they are up for a conversation, of course!).

Keep things organized as you go, such as all the details and contact information you pick up during meetings and seminars. This is easier than trying to enter all the information into your computer or smartphone at the end of the trip.

The team at Griffin Transportation has noticed that our business class customers seem to be more alert and refreshed when they make an effort to stay organized and focus on the priorities. We hope these tips will help you become more productive and will lead to better business trips.

Posted on May 27 2015

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