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Tips for hosting memorable corporate events

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If you have an upcoming corporate event in the Pacific Northwest, many of the planning details are likely routine. At the same time, there are options available that can make a difference in your clients' perception of the event - and therefore affect how well you'll achieve your goals.

Here are some tips on selecting transportation for your clients in a way that makes a positive impact at your next corporate event.

Privacy is appreciated:

We work on a lot of corporate events annually. One of the things that our clients expect when they ask for our Vancouver car service is the type of privacy that allows them to have any type of conversation without worrying whether or not people will overhear them. In addition to offering privacy glass, our chauffeurs are hired for their discretion, so that you can count on both top-notch service, and an environment in which you can entertain.


Airport pickup:

If you are using our services for an event, consider having us pick up key clients directly at the airport. We can meet you there or bring you along. The Vancouver airport is centrally located, making it easy to provide professional, luxury service as soon as your clients arrive.

Our chauffeurs wait for your clients right outside the arrival area and can pass along any welcome messages or instructions that you may have for them. If you have a large group arriving, we have the capacity to handle several groups of clients coming in at once if you call ahead of time.


Enjoy the spare time:

It's nice to know that you have your transportation booked and your clients taken care of. At the same time, limo service means more than just having people moved from one spot to another safely. Your clients will have some spare time on their hands and it will be up to them how they choose to spend this time. Whether simply relaxing, catching up on e-mails or taking important calls, they will most definitely enjoy their time on the road as you take them on a tour of the downtown area or up to Whistler.

Trips up to Whistler are a normal part of our routine. If your event is hosted in the city of Vancouver, it is a pretty popular trip for hosted clients. For the more intimate event, some clients often schedule program events in Whistler so that attendees can enjoy the entire Vancouver area while they are here.


Vancouver has one of the liveliest night club, dinner, and dancing scenes on the West Coast. Providing your guests with a limo in Vancouver after hours is easy when you use our services. Your client's use of our services may even help you all qualify for a better volume rate if you have scheduled us for your event.

Our chauffeurs are not always asked to provide concierge service. On the other hand, they are very in tune with what is going on in the city, making it easy for them to offer your guests meaningful suggestions for a themed evening or a great place to have dinner or drinks.

Planning a corporate event in Vancouver allows you to leverage the infrastructure of one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. Using our full capabilities can help your event achieve the goals that you set for it in an elegant way.

Posted on Apr 04 2017

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