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Tips to Reduce Security Risks at Events

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If you’re not confident that you’d handle a really stressful situation well, you’re not alone. Most of us worry that we’re not as relaxed and easy going in stressful situations as we used to be before we gained responsibility and our careers rest on everything going right. Event organization can be very stressful, even if nothing goes badly wrong, but need not be uncontrollable if some small measures are taken to keep risks under control. This post gives you some concrete thing to think about that will make you feel better about the stress you’d face if things go wrong.

For many events you’ll have guest staying in different hotels. Hoping they are all where they need to be when you need them there need not be down to luck. If one of your team is physically there then those unforeseen problems will not turn into a show stoppers and if anything big is developing, you’ll be sure to hear about it quickly. This person needs to have a full manifest, all the contact details for the various moving parts, like transport and should be able to solve most problems.

Security Issues

Turning to serious matters for a moment, it is well worth ensuring you have a list of the security companies that cover your venue and hotels you’re using and that you’ve got their numbers on speed dial. It’s worth speaking to heads of hotels security; firstly so you know they are competent but also to ensure that if something goes down, you hear about it.

It can make sense to offer guest the option of leaving emergency contact details with you when they arrive.  Similarly, you need to give your guests an ‘in emergency’ number that will be manned 24 hours a day. This is easily achievable with call divert and a roster system with your staff.

When you’re organizing an event, your venue will most likely have an emergency escape plan. It is almost certainly going to be your job to ensure that this gets briefed. It’s never fun to start an event with “the fire doors are over there” but if it’s not obvious, it still needs to be done. It really make sense to take further manifests with you on the day so that you could advise fire and rescue staff if you have un-accounted for guests in the event of something going wrong.

We hope that these simple tips lead to you being better placed to deal with an unexpected situation at an event. If you need an efficient and punctual ground transportation service, you should look no further than Griffin Transportation. We offer outstanding levels of chauffeured transport, not just in our home base of Vancouver, B.C. and neighboring Seattle but, through our affiliates, worldwide.  With Griffin, you can rest assured that we will provide you with the very best possible service, tailored to your needs, we always aim to provide: “The Ultimate in Safety, Service and Satisfaction”. Call us today.



Posted on Nov 18 2013

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