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Vancouver Travel Tips: GPS – We Know Where We Are and Where We Are Going

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Without question, one of the greatest technological advances of all time is GPS. Formally known as Global Positioning System, GPS is a network consisting of satellites that orbit in space. These satellites send extremely precise details regarding position back to Earth. Through a GPS receiver, the signals are received.

Initially, GPS was used by military personnel at the height of the Cold War. However, thanks to better design and growing interest, this technology was soon used by hikers, mountain climbers, and other outdoor extremists. Then by the early 1980s, virtually anyone interested in GPS could use it by purchasing a receiver. Before long, this technology became a vital tool for a wide range of industries to include airlines, delivery drivers, trucking companies, and more.

Arriving On Time

The great thing about GPS is that not only can you determine within a few feet where you are currently located but also identify the best route for getting to a specific destination. As an example, limousine companies have sophisticated GPS systems in all vehicles so drivers always know their exact location but can also arrive to pick passengers up on time and get them to their final destination without delay. Today’s GPS systems have numerous features, such as voice instruction. By following verbal commands it is easier to stay focused on the road.

GPS for Mobile Devices

GPS is now built into smartphones so a standalone system is no longer necessary, although still available and widely used. Interestingly, when the first GPS-enabled cellphone hit the market, it was a major flop. By working through the problem and paying attention to what consumers really wanted, necessary changes were made. The result is today’s high-tech, built-in GPS for smartphones, tablets, and notebooks. GPS also makes it possible to identify different types of local businesses to include restaurants, hospitals, Laundromats, banks, and more.

Seamless Transportation

As mentioned, reputable limousine companies ensure drivers have a top-of-the-line GPS at all times. Once a client calls for pickup, the address is entered into the GPS, giving the chauffeur the shortest and easiest route. The address for the second destination is then entered, again with driving instructions. This makes the limo experience more convenient and in some situations, safer. At Griffin Transportation, all of our vehicles are equipped with the most up-to-date technology to ensure our passengers arrive on time every time for all your Vancouver travel.

Posted on Aug 19 2015

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