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Vital Accessories for a Comfortable Business Travel

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Traveling for business is inevitable in today's work culture. If done well, it can be a pleasant journey instead of a difficult one that wearies you. When you’re on travel, you don’t want to arrive feeling exhausted. You want a stress-free flight that will have you to arrive fresh, relaxed and ready to dive into that all-day meeting. When you have the right items along the way, it can make your journey smoother. This will help you weather any unexpected delays and other potentially frustrating situations well. Here is a list of things that can contribute to making your next business trip a little more stress-free.

Technology Accessories

Most of your work is almost likely to be on a laptop or tablet. Ensuring that your devices are always charged and ready for use is essential for productivity.

The best way to keep track of all your chargers, cables and other portable accessories is to pack them together in one bag. Carry a portable battery charger with you that is allowed on airlines. Power banks below 30,000mAh are allowed on board and pack enough charge to power your devices for a long journey.

Luggage Tracker

Business travelers who have lost their luggage in the past can attest to how harrowing such an ordeal is. Experienced business travelers always look to have their luggage as carry-on. This ensures that your items are always within reach and don’t need to be transported by a third party. In the case of large luggage, look for a luggage tracking device that you can use. A good tracker should be able to give you the location of your luggage at all times preferably through a mobile application. It should also be able to alert you of its arrival once you land either via email or text.

A Travel Pillow

A long flight can wreak havoc on your neck which is both discomforting and also a health risk. You, therefore, need to have the best travel pillow for maximum comfort.

The best neck pillow for air travel should offer a stiff but comfortable support around your neck. It should provide sufficient grip to prevent sliding when in contact with slippery seats or damp windows.


For those who need to work while on a long-haul flight or in noisy environments, noise canceling headphones are a no brainer. As the name suggests, they use built-in technology to block out external noise better than regular headphones.

They can help you boost your productivity while on the go or even help you sleep better by cutting off the noise.


Looking your best goes a long way in getting you to feel fresh on your journey. When packing your toiletries, go through your daily morning preparation and night routine to pack all that you need. Pack any gels or other liquids securely to make sure they do not spill over accidentally. Store all your toiletries in one toiletry bag to keep them together for easy access when needed.


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Posted on Jul 25 2017

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