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The Way of the Productive Road Warrior: Advice for Business Travelers

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An experienced business traveler knows that his journeys don't even come close to a vacation. But if you're new to business travel, read on and find out what you should know before hitting the road.

Many times, a business traveler uses the time spent on his way to or from a location to get some rest or relax before the next round of work. But the experienced, productive traveler always makes good use of the time that some count as “lost hours.” Take advantage of working while traveling as this means getting your work done with very few distractions or interruptions. Isn't it a great idea to accomplish your work tasks while you’re traveling and have more time to spend with your family and friends once you return?



The first step you should make before leaving your house is to plan your trip to the smallest detail. Prepare yourself for all the possible changes. It's wise not to book the last flight of the day so that you won't get stuck without any options. Another scenario: what if a storm forces you to wait in an airport for 24 hours, or your luggage is nowhere to be found, or your medicine bag is stolen? You should make sure to have backup provisions for everything you might need. Also, try to do a little research about your destination, especially if it's an unknown location. You should start with finding a few places where you can have a decent dinner, near your hotel.



Organize all your data in your organization system to always have your itinerary close at hand. Have you heard about the popular app called TripIt? You simply send the confirmation emails from airlines, hotel, and ground service to and it automatically maps your itinerary. Afterward, you can access it either from your laptop or your mobile devices. You won't have to print, file and carry tons of paper with you!



Think about the possible spare time spent in the airport or on the plane, for example, and decide in advance an adequate type of work for each period. While waiting at the airport, you can answer emails and let the task of writing a report for later, when you're comfortable in your room, with Wi-Fi and a stable work desk. Think of the plane as a mobile place of business; with the help of a laptop and a set of noise-reducing earphones you can be as productive as always. So, block out the distractions and start working.



In the 90 minutes that it takes for you to travel to and from the airport, we are confident that you can do much more valuable work than the costs of a professional chauffeured car service. Try to find a trustworthy provider both back home and in the city where you are traveling for business. During your ride to and from the airport, the chauffeured vehicle is your mobile office.


If you're traveling on a regular basis, pick one particular airline and fly it exclusively so that you can accumulate loyalty points. The conveniences and comfort will worth a potential higher fare or a slight inconvenience.


We advise you not to fill your schedule the morning you return to the office. Take into consideration that you'll have to take your time to unpack, reorganize and convert all the information into your system. It's best to prepare the toiletries bag to be ready for the next trip as well as rearrange your briefcase, cards, and all the receipts. Other tasks to be done are to write reports, finalize documentation and create invoices while the information is still fresh in your mind. Don't forget to introduce all the business cards into your CRM and plan the necessary follow-ups. If you don't take care of all these things right away and you have lots of back-to-back trips, you’ll end up confused about what goes with what. In other words, close the chapter. By not loading up your schedule and giving yourself some space upon your return, you’ll be more confident during your business trips.



Just a few decades ago, business travel used to be a very stressful task. The time spent on the plane or during the ride to your destination was often boring and troublesome; also, you couldn't be productive while in transit or accommodated in a hotel room. But Wi-Fi and handheld electronics changed things. Nowadays, if you own the proper systems, you can still be productive, no matter where you are. These devices accompanied by a wise planning and preparation help you complete your work tasks while on the road as well as from your office.

You will never again have to apologize for not keeping in touch with someone because you were traveling. Working hard while on the road pays off as, once you get home, you'll have more time to spend with your loved ones.


Be certain that you always have a dependable partner who can actually turn a vehicle into a mobile office and give you what a business road warrior needs most: time.

Griffin Transportation provides you Airport Transportation in Vancouver to make the most of your business travel. Your chauffeur can offer the best advice regarding the best restaurants in the city, and can also suggest a few locations to relax after a business meeting.

Forget about the stress of finding a taxi or sharing a shuttle at the beginning of your Vancouver trip and arrange for Vancouver airport transportation. All you have to do is to sit back and enjoy the ride without worrying about taxi meters or getting lost in an unfamiliar city.

No matter if you are traveling to or from Victoria for business or personal matters, your only option to relax on the way to or from the airport is to book a limousine service. You won't have to worry about traffic issues or finding parking spaces. Isn't it nice to relax and enjoy your ride? Book now!

Posted on Sep 27 2016

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