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Wedding Day Coming Up? Here’s How to Handle the Transportation

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Whether you’re hearing wedding bells coming soon for you or helping someone else prepare for their big day, there’s one thing you’ll want to see to in order that the big day can proceed smoothly: transportation. How will the bride and groom be getting around? If there are many out-of-town guests, do they need your help in securing transportation for them?

There are obviously many questions to answer before you can make a final decision, and our Vancouver car service can definitely help you with that. We’ve had plenty of experience with big and important events, and we’ll love to help you plan for yours. To avoid any unnecessary transportation glitches, just take a look at some of the tips down below:

Know When to Book

A four to six months period before the wedding date should be used to secure your dream vehicle (and also other types of transportation for your guests). After all, you’ll probably be able to decide on the type of transportation you want earlier on during the planning stages of your wedding, so it’s good to secure it sooner rather than later. If you’re holding your wedding during the busy prom and graduation season, you might even want to give yourself a nine-month safety net instead.

Choose Your Preferred Vehicle

Everyone’s eyes will be on the main wedding car, so you’ll want to ensure that your dream ride is secured as soon as possible. Of course, your attendants and other guests are equally important, so it’ll be good to team up with a reliable transportation company for all your needs. Tell them your preferences, budget, and concerns and let them guide you to the best deal for your special day.

Get an Accurate Headcount

Of course, it’s always best that everyone gets to where they’re going comfortably and safely. To ensure that this is the case for you and your guests, why not go with a transportation company that sees to all your needs? You’re not financially responsible for the mode of transport for your guests, but you can always help to determine who wants a lift and get their details ready to provide to your transportation company of choice.

It’s All in the Details

The devil is in the details, and this is definitely true when you’re planning and arranging for an upcoming wedding. Be sure to get in touch with the limo service the night before or the day of the wedding to ensure that everything is going according to your previous agreement. Also, be sure to provide them with all the necessary information of the people they’ll be picking up, such as names, phone numbers, and locations.

Give Each Trip Enough Time

Getting stuck in traffic is one thing. Knowing that your schedule is tighter than a hangman’s noose is another. To ensure that your special day remains fun and memorable, do put some breathing space between one event and the next (especially when there’s a change of venue that requires driving). In fact, if you give an allowance of about 20 to 30 minutes for each ride, you’ll be more than safe.

We, at Griffin Transportation, understand that life is full of special events, the moment when we create memories that last a lifetime. Our special events transportation solutions ensure your most important moments will be memorable. We understand that you’ve put a lot of planning into this event, and we’ll do everything we can to make it a success. Count on the best limo Vancouver has to offer to take your special event to the next level.

Posted on Mar 12 2019

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