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What to Pack in Your Carry-on luggage

The Ultimate in Safety, Service and Satisfaction

Having a well packed and sensible sized carry-on bag will make the process of air travel infinitely easier. Some of the most frequent fliers, flight attendants, will often keep their carry-on bags packed to make the entire process of getting ready and flying easier. On the other side, as airlines continue to ‘un-bundle’ their services, charges for checked baggage are now more common, encouraging ever more carry on-only travel.

Right Bag

The first thing to get right is your bag. This has got to be the right size for carry-on and needs enough compartments for all those small things you need to take with you and, for most travelers, will carry a laptop in a safe and secure fashion.

Smart Contents

You need to pack a clear plastic bag with all your essential liquid toiletries in flight friendly sized packages. A great tip is to keep stocked up on these things by taking the better small containers you find in hotels. Don’t forget the things that will keep you protected such as tiny container of sunscreen.

The 3 day rule is a good one to abide by. Always take enough supplies for 3 days in your carry-on. This applies to the toiletries above and also to the amount of underwear and shirts/blouses you take with you.

Don’t forget essential items to keep you going, such as a very small first aid kit containing medication for headaches and stomach upsets (the two most common traveling ailments) and earplugs and ear phones – to ensure that you get aren’t disturbed when you don’t want to be. Up there with essentials are power leads for all your vital gear. Frequent travelers will often buy a second set that just stays in their carry-on.

As far as clothing goes, the smart traveler, whether for business or pleasure, will pack flexible clothing. This does not refer to the material, rather the ability to mix and match core outfits for all occasions. It works for both sexes and most situations. For example, a formal blue business suit, can become less formal when the trousers are exchanged for a pair of slacks, the same outfit can be casual if the jacket is removed. Packing mix and match clothing means you’ll need to take considerably less clothing in total and that it’ll fit in your carry-on bag.

The last thing to consider is one little luxury. For many, it is a tablet or computer with some sort of distraction – a movie or game – that will give us something to look forward to at the end of the day.

We hope that these short tips make your traveling experience as pain free as possible. While we cannot eliminate all of the friction of traveling as a luxury ground transportation company, Griffin Transportation can make one aspect better. A limousine booked with us, whether here in Vancouver, BC or through our affiliates worldwide, will give you guaranteed luxury, efficiency and a punctual arrival at your destination in the most style possible. We have one simple goal to provide the “Ultimate in Safety, Service and Satisfaction” to our many valued customers. We’d love for you to become one of our valued customers, call us today to get the process started.


Posted on Oct 18 2013

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