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What to Wear at an Event Or Business Conference

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You need to create a positive impression when you attend a conference or business event. At the same time, you’ve most likely travelled a long way from home with only a carry-on. This poses a few challenges, which this blog post looks to help you out with.

Formal Attire

For the more formal events or more conservative industries you should play it safe and go formal. It’s very rare that you can be too formal at such events. This means a good quality suit, pressed shirt and pristine but suitable tie for men and a knee length tailored skirt and jacket, with a sensible shirt for women. Accessories should be kept high quality but low key for both sexes. The safest colors are generally dark for suits and light for shirts.

More casual conferences

If your industry or event calls for a more casual dress you still need to give some thought to your dress. Smart casual should be your guide. This means relaxed but professional and for the carry-on carrying business person can be achieved by dressing down smart or dressing up casual. For men khaki or beige cotton slacks can be teamed with your normal shirt and shoes or a polo shirt, to hit the desired look. Ladies can achieve this with by similarly replacing the jacket with more relaxed looking knitwear. Shoes need to be a little conservative – leave the heels at home. Again, both sexes’ accessories should be moderated and not too ‘loud’.

Don’t overlook the weather

While most events will be indoors and perfectly pleasant all year round, if you’re travelling long-haul make sure you give the weather at your destination a little thought before packing. You may need an umbrella or sun glasses to keep you comfortable and will not feel good without these.

We hope that this short summary of what to wear is not too boring, or left you disappointed. If you need a quality car service in Vancouver, B.C. we can be of assistance. We can provide you and your event the very best possible service, tailored to your needs. Griffin Transportation simply aims to provide: “The Ultimate in Safety, Service and Satisfaction”. Call us today for a no obligation chat about just what services we can provide.

Posted on Jun 02 2014

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