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Winter Hacks for Business Travel

The Ultimate in Safety, Service and Satisfaction

Business travel has no seasons. Whether is summer or winter you are out there. Winter travel short description: delayed flights, the increased chances of falling ill, crazy traffic.

If you’re going to be traveling for business this winter, you must prepare. Here are a few:

 Check the Forecast, Frequently

You have a smartphone, right? Download a weather app.  It keeps you apprised of any changes and on the plus side it will help you to pack properly. Being aware of incoming storms, road conditions, airport congestion will give you the opportunity to plan better.

Planning ahead works equally well when business travel involves a road trip. But in that case, be on the safe side and book a chauffeured limo.

Pack Appropriately

When prepping for winter business travel you must pack appropriately. If you’re visiting a state where the weather can start out very cold in the morning and end up sunny and warm, remember to pack layers. While business travelers prefer to pack light in order to make their lives easier, winter is the time of year when keeping essentials in the bag is more important than having a lightweight suitcase.


Stay Healthy

Apart from it being unpleasant, being cold lowers the immune system and once the immune system is weakened, it becomes vulnerable.  If you’re flying, you’ll be in an area where thousands of people travel through each day and increase your chances to get sick. Hand sanitizer is a good idea for surface germs but the simple act of wearing warm clothes prevents compromising the immune system, which will help you stay healthy.

Be Flexible and   Prepared

Don’t assume you have to stay on the same airline. Maybe you can’t get to your destination, but you can get to an airport a few miles away by looking for options on available flights. Research alternatives before a trip.

Veteran travelers say they pack as if they’re going to get sidetracked by weather. It’s always a good idea to keep clothing and other essential items with you in a carry-on.  Whatever happens, try to avoid getting stressed about it. After all, delayed or canceled flights are simply a part of the winter season and therefore a part of winter business travel.

If you are traveling to Seattle, business or pleasure make sure you make things easier by booking an airport transfer like Seattle Airport Shuttle.

While in Seattle, please also consider a Limo Service Seattle. Being in the hands of the professional take a big pressure of your shoulders.

Book from Griffin Transportation and make your business travel pleasant.


Posted on Nov 29 2016

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