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Wonderful Restaurants to Visit in Vancouver During Halloween

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If you have an upcoming business trip or planned vacation with the family that will take you to Vancouver during Halloween, you might as well make the best of it by dining out in one of the city’s great restaurants. To enjoy an excellent meal and get into the Halloween spirit, consider the following restaurants.

Great Places to Eat on Halloween

  • The Old Spaghetti Factory – Located in Gastown, this restaurant captures the spookiness of Halloween. Be prepared to experience moving cutlery, haunted paintings, and strange noises. While some people insist these things are real, others claim it is all in the mind. In either case, the food is good, the prices are affordable, and the location is convenient. 

  • The Fairmont Vancouver Hotel – Past hotel guests insist an elegant woman wearing red loves to dance on the 14th floor. In addition to delicious menu items, you may be one of the lucky ones who sees the woman in red while visiting on Halloween.

  • Marinaside Grill in North Vancouver – Whether true or not, this hotel’s legend involves things going missing, flying objects, and other mysterious occurrences. Some people believe strange things happen because of a ghost from the Second Narrows bridge incident or possibly the spirit of someone who died from an accident at the nearby sawmill. What you can be certain of is amazing food and drink, affordable prices, and outstanding service.

  • Blood Alley – In Gastown, Blood Alley is said to be where buckets of blood were dumped by butchers onto the streets after a day’s work. It is also rumored that executions took place nearby. Today, you can choose from several restaurants, including Jules Bistro, the Salt Tasting Room, and Judas Goat Taverna, all wonderful places to visit for Halloween. 

Halloween Activities

After an excellent meal, you might consider some of the activities scheduled in Vancouver for Halloween 2015. For example, there is the Forbidden Vancouver Walking Tour, which tells the story of John Bray’s horrific death. During the guided tour, Bray’s death is restaged and stories of other gruesome murders are told.

There is also Fright Nights at Playland, which features scary rides, haunted houses, and frightening monsters milling about. The Haunted Vancouver Trolley Tour is also popular for Halloween. While on the trolley ride, you will learn about various murders and hauntings that have occurred in Vancouver over the years.

Convenient Ground Transportation

Regardless of why you are visiting Vancouver this Halloween, you can make your trip easier and more convenient by hiring a professional limousine company. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the ride to your hotel or other destination while the chauffeur focuses on the road.

Posted on Oct 28 2015

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