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Would You Stand On a Plane? Engineers Explore the Idea of the "Standing Cabin"

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Airplanes are apparently considering the idea of even more inexpensive flights using "standing cabins." Of course, this is only in the patent stage -- a lot of security methods would need to be implemented if standing cabins were to be truly feasible. Interestingly, this comes on the wake of many airlines actually increasing the size of cabin space, including modifications that would allow individuals to sleep lying down in cabin "pods" rather than having to sit or recline.

The Race To The Bottom Of The Pricing

While tourism has been rising as the economy rebounds, many travelers are still pushing to get the best possible deals. Airfare costs were increasing up until recently with the cost of gasoline and have only begun falling recently. "Budget" air options have become popular showing that travelers are willing to sacrifice a little comfort for savings. With that in mind, some airlines may be wondering exactly how much discomfort a traveler will be willing to bear.

The Feasibility of Standing Cabins

Will standing cabins become a new trend? The real challenge won't be getting consumers to accept it but will be getting by the current airline regulations; there are very few ways that standing cabins could be made safe, especially in the event that an airplane needed to conduct an emergency or less than optimal landing. That's to say nothing of the potential for turbulence. However it does show that airlines are actively trying to explore further budget options and some believe that the standing cabin could be developed within the next five to ten years.

Traveling On The Cheap

Of course, this begs the question of how you can save additional money on flights. If you're willing to forego comfort, why not time? While ground transportation may take longer than a flight, you don't need to stand either. Ground transportation is generally much less expensive than air travel and you may be surprised by how fast and comfortable it can truly be. Airlines are clearly trending towards "uncomfortable, but speedy," but how fast does your trip really need to be?


Posted on Jul 24 2014

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